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Phillips Votes to Pass Inflation Reduction Act

Rep. Dean Phillips (MN-03) released the following statement after voting to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. The landmark health care, climate change, cost-cutting and deficit-reducing bill now heads to the President's desk: 

"Today is a leap forward for young people, retirees, progressives, conservatives – and America. As a pragmatic problem solver, I’m particularly excited by the Inflation Reduction Act’s health care affordability and climate solutions and $305 billion reduction in the federal deficit. It’s a measure combining progressive and conservative principles, and crafted in a manner that will improve lives for generations to come. While such important legislation should generate broad support from both parties in Congress, it appears many have placed politics over people and are misrepresenting its deliverables.

The truth is the Inflation Reduction Act will finally force negotiation and lower prices for lifesaving medications, cap the cost of insulin at $35 for Medicare recipients, protect our planet and human beings by reducing carbon emissions, and pay for it by ensuring the largest corporations pay their fair share. The future is a little brighter today, for America and the world."

In July, Rep. Phillips was among a small group of Members who advocated for deficit reduction in reconciliation. Click here to read the letter.