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Washington could learn a thing or two from our kids. 

Before becoming a member of Congress, Rep. Phillips became a dad. Parents are tasked with raising healthy, resilient children no matter what the world throws your way—and this year, it threw a lot. You shouldn’t have to add dysfunction in Washington to your list of worries, so as your representative in Congress, Rep. Phillips is on a mission to repair our broken politics and restore Americans’ faith in our government. Inspiring a new era of collaboration begins with the lessons we all learned in kindergarten. Optimism is stronger than fear, kindness and civility can open doors, and the future is full of possibility. Keep the faith, grab your family, and work together on these activities to learn more about our extraordinary democracy - and how Rep. Phillips is representing you: 

Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or anything in between, there is more that unites us than divides us. Rep. Phillips has been recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a bipartisan leader because he works across the aisle in Congress. In fact, he cosponsors more than 150 Republican bills every year! He's on a mission to pursue common ground for the common good, will you help find both below?
Click here to download the word find

Representation begins with listening, and ideas to improve our nation can come from anyone - even you! Talk to your family about the issues that are important to you and click here to tell Rep. Phillips. Then, navigate the maze to learn how an idea can make America greater.
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Optimism is stronger than fear and our brightest days are still ahead. Draw a picture or take a photo of something (or someone) that gives you hope and share it with Rep. Phillips.
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