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Cutting Costs for Minnesota Families

Representation begins with listening, and from gas to groceries, and childcare to healthcare, I’m hearing from Minnesotans who are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of essentials. I'm pursuing common ground in Congress and finding common-sense ways to cut costs and get inflation under control so Minnesota can be a healthy, thriving place to live for generations to come. You shouldn’t have to wait for an act of Congress to make life more affordable, so I want you to have the resources you need to find lower prices near you NOW. That's why I invite you to share your ideas with me and use the resources below to save your family money today.

Keep the faith, and keep in touch.

Dean Phillips
Member of Congress

Gas Resources

Minnesotans shouldn’t have to choose between putting food on the table or putting gas in the car. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has exposed the uncomfortable truth that most nations, including the United States, are often forced to compromise their principles and values due to a reliance on oil. In Congress, I’m working to secure our energy independence through increased output in America and investments in a renewable future. Just this month, I helped pass the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act in the House, which would make it illegal for companies to increase gas and energy prices in excessive and exploitative ways. That bill still needs to pass the Senate, so here’s how your family can find the best prices at the pump today:


Food and Nutrition Resources

More than 400,000 Minnesotans are currently facing food insecurity, and the pandemic and inflation have only exacerbated the problem. Like you, I know that hunger in our neighborhoods isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a moral one. Use these resources to see if you or someone you know qualifies for support affording groceries that I helped pass in the American Rescue Plan:

Housing Resources

Having a safe place to live is the foundation on which we build a stronger, more prosperous community. Access to affordable housing impacts our students, our workers, and our seniors - and it compounds complicated issues like domestic violence, achievement gaps, and workforce shortages. We all have skin in this game, and I’ve supported bipartisan investments in affordable housing and rental assistance during my time in Congress. Learn more about them here, and see if someone you love qualifies for support:

Health Resources

Inflation has impacted the already-unsustainable cost of health care in this country. Every American deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care and medication - no matter their age, race, gender, income, condition or ZIP code. I’m working hard to cut health care costs in Congress, and want to make sure you have the resources you need to find affordable care now: 

Employment Resources

If you or someone you know is unemployed – or underemployed – there’s never been a better time to find a good-paying job in Minnesota. Here’s how to apply for quality government and private jobs in our area:


Claiming Your Earned Benefits

From Medicare to Medicaid and Social Security to the VA, my team of constituent advocates has returned more than $16 million in federal benefits directly to Minnesotans. If your federal benefits are backlogged, if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly by a federal agency, or if you just aren’t getting an answer from one, my team will work to get you fair and timely assistance. We've helped thousands of Minnesotans cut through bureaucratic red tape, and we want to assist you too, so click here to get the process started