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Committees and Caucuses

Rep. Phillips will serve on the following committees and subcommittees in the 118th Congress:


Phillips, a small business owner and entrepreneur, enters a second term on the House Committee on Small Business as Vice Ranking Member. Rep. Phillips brings valuable experience and a proven bipartisan record of results to the Small Business Committee and will remain focused on supporting those small businesses most impacted by the COVID pandemic. In his first term, Phillips authored the bipartisan Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act which helped thousands of small businesses access much-needed PPP funds and avoid further closures and layoffs. Minnesota’s Third Congressional District has more small businesses – generating more in payroll at $11.2 billion annually – than any other District in the state, according to the Small Business Administration.

“Small businesses in our community – from local burger joints to barbershops – are the glue that hold our communities together and power our economy, and they’re in crisis. We must do everything in our power to help them weather the storm so that they can help lead the economic recovery once we are through this pandemic. I’ll have the voices of Minnesota’s small business owners and entrepreneurs in mind as we provide the oversight necessary to ensure federal funds are accessible and equitably distributed and as we lay the groundwork for a prosperous future for our main street businesses.”


Phillips also enters his third term on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in a new leadership role. As Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, Phillips will pursue safety, security, and alliances in the region with a bipartisan approach. In an increasingly interconnected world, and after four years of increased tensions with allies around the world, his work on the committee will be far-reaching.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and the spread of disinformation are global issues that won’t be solved with outdated, isolationist thinking. I look forward to working with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and my colleagues on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to rebuild our relationships with allies, reestablish American leadership in the world, and ensure the 21st century is one of expanding peace and prosperity.” 

  • Subcomittee on Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia


A congressional caucus is formed by members of Congress who wish to meet regularly in support of a common legislative priority. Rep. Phillips iss a member of the following caucuses in the 118th Congress: