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Reps. Phillips, Gonzalez sign Braver Angels letter committing to bipartisan support for a fair and nonviolent election

U.S. Representatives Dean Phillips (D-MN) and Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) came together in a show of bipartisanship today to sign the Braver Angels “What we will do to hold America together” public letter, promoting bipartisanship in the lead-up and following this year's Presidential election.

“…In this season of intense and legitimate partisanship, we the undersigned commit ourselves also to a higher partisanship – for the maintenance of our Union; for the importance of our shared civic life; and for those feelings of goodwill that Lincoln called the better angels of our nature,” reads the letter. “We the undersigned will work separately for what each of us believes is right, but we will also work together to protect the land we all love – to lift up American citizenship and the American promise in a time of peril and to find in ourselves the understanding that our differences don’t simply divide us, but can strengthen and complete us.”

The Braver Angels "Holding America Together" campaign calls upon Americans to embrace a higher partisanship and disavow all election related violence. The public letter, which has over 5,000 signatories to date -- including elected officials and media figures across the political spectrum -- resolves that should a consensus not be reached on who is the legitimately elected president following the election, the signers will work in a bipartisan manner for solutions grounded in the Constitution and guided by democratic and non-violent traditions. The campaign has also recruited thousands of Americans, and hundreds of institutions -- including colleges, churches, and civic groups -- to commit to holding post-election gatherings designed to help Americans hold their families, friendships, and communities together in the wake of the election, or during an ongoing election crisis.

“The United States has always held elections and upheld the results, even in times of great crisis. Now it's our turn to prove that nothing - not even this pandemic - will stand in the way of our country’s commitment to democracy,” said Rep. Dean Phillips. “During one of the most contentious and divisive periods in our history, it is incumbent on members of Congress and Americans of all political perspectives to unite in the spirit of patriotism and ensure this extraordinary - and extraordinarily important - tradition is maintained.”

“With so much at stake in our great nation, Congress must commit to working together across partisan lines for the sake of our democracy and the people we represent,” said Congressman Gonzalez. “In this time of hyper-partisanship and unique voting dynamics due to COVID-19, I believe it is as important as ever that we all commit to a fair and peaceful election conducted according to the laws of the land.”

"For all of their understandable partisan fears, Americans still want their leaders to work together to solve problems," said Ciaran O'Connor, national spokesperson for Braver Angels. "Rep. Phillips and Rep. Gonzalez are the tip of the spear when it comes to making Congress responsive to the will of the people. Braver Angels is thrilled they've agreed to sign our letter, and we look forward to working with them in the new Congress to usher in a new era of civic friendship -- one that lifts all Americans and empowers us to work together without compromising our values."

Read the full letter here.