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Phillips Calls On Congress To Denounce QAnon Conspiracy

Today, Rep. Dean Phillips took to the floor of the House of Representatives to call on his colleagues to disavow dangerous anti-Semitic conspiracy theories like QAnon that are weaponizing the political process.

WATCH: Dean Phillips speaks on the House floor.

Remarks as prepared:

"Thank you Mr/Madam Speaker,

I rise today to urge a unanimous YES vote on Mr. Malinowski’s resolution.  EVERY ONE OF US here swore the same oath to defend our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic – and QAnon is a dangerous enemy lurking within our borders that must be forcefully and unanimously condemned.

While what they propagate is NOT real, their baseless conspiracy theories, lies, and fear mongering are creating something that is VERY REAL: division, hate, and -  if left unaddressed - violence against fellow Americans.

Just this week alone, Representative Malinowski has received death threats and Representative Spanberger has been labeled a terrorist. And how could we forget Reps. Scalise and Giffords being shot by deranged people? Every one of you here knows the lives of our very own colleagues are at risk. So who will speak against it? Has hate really become a partisan issue? Is reality really up for debate?

I applaud my friend, Representative Riggleman, who has spoken forcefully against QAnon. But who else will join him? What reason could you possibly have to remain silent? My friends, we are all Americans, and Americans are looking to us to model principled leadership at this increasingly fragile time - and history will be our judge.

I yield the balance of my time.”