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Rep. Phillips Votes for the Save the Internet Act to Restore Net Neutrality

Rep. Dean Phillips (MN-03) voted for the Save the Internet Act, which passed the House today. The bill creates popular, targeted net neutrality protections that benefit consumers and small businesses.

“Americans demand and deserve transparency and accountability from all of our institutions, and as members of Congress, it’s our job to deliver,” said Phillips. “This legislation ensures that the open internet remains an independent resource for all Americans and stops giant corporations from bending it to their will. The Save the Internet Act represents the kind of progress and transparency that we should all be working hard for, and I urge Mitch McConnell to bring it to a vote in the Senate.”

A University of Maryland poll found that 86 percent of Americans, including an overwhelming 82 percent of Republicans, opposed the FCC’s net neutrality rollback in 2018.

The Save the Internet Act restores common sense transparency for the digital age by enacting rules against blocking and paid prioritization, supporting increased broadband access in rural areas, and protecting consumers and small businesses from existing and future abusive internet service practices.

Yesterday Mitch McConnell proclaimed that the bill is “dead on arrival” in the Senate despite its popularity. Similar legislation in the 115th Congress passed the Senate and had 182 bipartisan signers in the House.