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Rep. Phillips Statement on Mitch McConnell Backing $250 Million in Election Security Funding

Rep. Dean Phillips (MN-03) released the following statement on Mitch McConnell’s decision to support providing states with $250 million in election security funding

“There is an urgent need to restore public trust in our government, and that means elected officials must act in the public interest. Senator McConnell’s change of heart is welcome news, but far more needs to be done to secure our elections from foreign interference. The House passed the SAFE Act in June that would provide the level of robust funding our states actually need to secure their election systems. We need verifiable paper ballots all over the country that can be efficiently monitored. And we need to comprehensively address other avenues for election interference – with bills like Senator Klobuchar’s bipartisan HONEST Ads Act. Senator McConnell can and should support all of these efforts.

This is a beginning. I invite Senator McConnell to engage with members of both political parties and continue the work of protecting our democracy. The American people are counting on us to put politics aside and do the right thing.”