Rep. Phillips Delivers First Speech on House Floor

February 14, 2019
Press Release
Phillips urges passage of the Shutdown to End All Shutdowns Act

WASHINGTON, DC - Rep. Phillips made his first speech on the House floor this morning in support of the federal employees, parents and small business owners that he spoke with during the shutdown. He urged the body to pass his Shutdown to End All Shutdowns Act.

Full text:

I’m proud to stand before you as a member of a diverse freshmen class in our nation’s history sent to Washington to inspire collaboration and rebuild the American people’s faith in their elected leaders.

But much of our tenure in Congress has been spent under a shutdown, proving the American people right to demand change. This dynamic must stop.  

To that end, Reps. Houlahan, Slotkin, Allred and I rallied an energetic group of 22 freshmen Members, nearly one third of the entire class, behind the Shutdown to End All Shutdowns Act, known as the SEAS Act.

And as we near an agreement and the fear and immediacy of a shutdown fades, I will not forget the conversations I had with federal employees, parents and business owners in my district -- the real, human stories of this shutdown.

It would be irresponsible and unforgivable for us to betray them once again – they are not political pawns, and many provide the very safety and security that we cherish in this country.

That is why I stand here to urge passing of the SEAS Act to eliminate this destructive tactic from the negotiation toolbox forever.

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