Phillips statement on Republican filibuster of Freedom to Vote Act

October 20, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) issued the following statement today after Senate Republicans filibustered legislation to protect our democracy, the Freedom to Vote Act:

“When our nation’s Founders drafted the Constitution they endeavored to create a government of, by and for the people, but 234 years later, cowardice reigns in the United States Senate.

Across our country, democracy is under attack by those who wish to concentrate power by limiting Americans’ access to the ballot box, those who seek to do our country harm by perpetrating the Big Lie, and those who find it politically convenient to allow both to continue. We need the Freedom to Vote Act now more than ever.

Democrats in Congress have worked tirelessly to find common ground on what should be a uniting issue for all Americans, only to be turned away by the very Republicans who have demanded concessions in the bill. Addressing their concerns with previous legislation, we eliminated ethics provisions, scaled back a small-donor matching program, and even offered Voter ID standards, which has been a Republican priority for decades. For this good faith effort to be met with an anonymous filibuster is simply a dereliction of duty.

I commend Senator Amy Klobuchar for her clear-eyed leadership in shepherding through this critical piece of legislation, and stand beside her and the voting rights community as we chart a path forward. We shall overcome.”

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