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Art Competition

Each spring, the Congressional Institute hosts a nationwide visual art competition to showcase the remarkable talent of high school artists across the country. Since 1982, the competition has served as a celebration of artistic expression and national unity, with one winning entry from each congressional district displayed in a gallery in the U.S. Capitol for one year.

A panel of selected judges will pick the winner from our community. Each high school may submit up to 10 two-dimensional pieces of unframed, matted and mounted student artwork (one piece per student). Participating high schools should designate a ‘contact’ teacher who will coordinate the submissions of student artists.  

Please email Johnny Tvedt  to confirm your school’s participation by March 17, 2023 and submit artwork by April 7, 2023 


Student Information and Release Form  

Each entrant must submit a Student Information and Release Form. Please provide the information requested on the first page of the form as thoroughly as possible. Students should include their mailing addresses if they differ from their home addresses. Students should also include contact information that will be valid for at least one year in order to facilitate the return of original art.  

The form requires a description of the artwork, which should be detailed, clearly identifying the major elements of the work. For example, “self-portrait” or “a picture of two people” would be unacceptable, since many artworks would fit those descriptions. The following is an example of a useful description: “A painting of two people; the person on the left wears a green sweater and khaki pants; the person on the right wears a black shirt and a striped skirt. A dog sits at their feet.”  

The second page of the Student Information and Release Form contains a legal release and a certification that the artwork is original in design and execution. The student, an art teacher, and a parent or guardian must sign the form. Entries without signed originality certifications and artwork releases may not be accepted. A TYPED copy of the Student Information and Release Form, signed by the teacher, a parent or guardian, and the student, must be securely attached to the back of the artwork to certify the originality of the piece. Please retain a copy for your records.

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