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Appropriations Requests

Our Founding Fathers trusted Congress — and in particular, the House of Representatives — with the “power of the purse,” the prerogative to tax and spend on behalf of the federal government and the American people. Every year, Congress passes 12 annual appropriation acts, as well as supplemental appropriation acts as needed. These appropriation acts provide budget authority to obligate and expend funds from the U.S. Treasury for specific purposes. As your member of Congress, Rep. Phillips is on a mission to bring more federal investments back to Minnesota and advocates for appropriations that will benefit our community – that's where you come in.

Rep. Phillips can make three types of requests as part of the funding process:

  1. Programmatic Funding Requests: Requests for programmatic funding are requests for Congress to provide a specific dollar amount for a federal program. For example, the U.S. Fire Administration provides training to fire and emergency services personnel each year. A programmatic request would be: “provide $76 million in funding for the U.S. Fire Administration." Click here to begin planning your FY25 Programmatic Funding Request

  2. Report/Bill Language Requests: Requests for report/bill language are requests for Congress to include specific explanations or directives to accompany the federal funding we provide. A report/bill language request would be: “direct the U.S. Fire Administration to provide more online training to fire and emergency services personnel to increase access to such trainings." Click here to begin planning your FY25 Report/Bill Language Request.

  3. Community Project Funding (CPF) Requests: Requests for Community Project Funding is a request submitted by an individual member of Congress for a discreet project that benefits that member’s congressional district in some way. A CPF request would be: “provide $2 million to the city of Bloomington to repair Fire Station #2”

We expect the House Committee on Appropriations to provide guidance on FY25 funding request deadlines and requirements soon. If your organization has a connection to Minnesota’s Third District and would like more information about the appropriations process, please call our Washington, D.C., office at (202) 225-2871.