Phillips, Problem Solvers Meet with Vice President Pence on Coronavirus

March 3, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Representative Dean Phillips joined members of the bipartisan Problems Solvers Caucus to meet with Vice President Mike Pence and Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator in the White House Situation Room. After the meeting, Phillips released a statement:


“This morning I was among a small group of Democrats and Republicans who met with the Vice President to discuss the federal response to COVID-19. The role of Congress in a public health emergency of this magnitude is to appropriate the necessary resources to effectively and efficiently address the pandemic while providing oversight and ensuring accountability. I am on a mission to serve and protect my constituents and all Americans, and will continue to ask critical questions and demand action during the months ahead. We must tackle this threat with a unified, nonpartisan front at home and overseas, and ensure that our public health officials are afforded the resources to protect our nation.”