July 19, 2019 Update from Rep. Dean Phillips

July 19, 2019
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As we mark the end of a difficult, steamy, stormy week, I'm taking a moment to let you know what I was up to in Washington, and where I believe we're headed next: 


On Saturday, I joined thoughtful Minnesotans and people across the country in shock and disgrace as I read the President's inexcusable attack on four of my colleagues. This language is vile and dangerous and has no place in our society -- and certainly not in the White House. On Thursday, voted to condemn the President's racism and called on my colleagues of all political persuasions and backgrounds to do the same. It was one of many actions I took in Washington this week to promote accountability and transparency... 

If racism becomes a partisan issue in this country we will have done a woeful disservice to the Constitution and to ourselves. Our big, diverse House family condemned racism at a press conference this week. Click here to watch. 

In Washington: 

In addition to condemning the President's attacks against four American citizens and Members of Congress, I voted to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in criminal contempt for ignoring multiple bipartisan subpoenas. This Administration must respect Congress as a co-equal branch of government and comply with our requests as we continue to do our Constitutionally-mandated job of oversight.

It is for that same reason that I voted to table the Articles of Impeachment brought forward by Rep. Green this week, which would have immediately stopped the investigations that are being conducted by the House Committee on Oversight. We must be methodical and allow those investigations to continue, and I'll be watching closely as Special Counsel Mueller testifies next week.

At the border: 

Like so many of you, I'm horrified at the conditions at our southern border. After I saw the conditions with my own eyes last month, I vowed to get humanitarian aid to the families and children who desperately needed it as quickly as possible. Now that that aid has been delivered, I'm leading a bipartisan group back to the border to conduct vital oversight and inspire solutions-focused conversations between Republicans and Democrats. I'll be sharing more updates from the bipartisan trip next week. 


In the midst of it all, I'm proud to be part of the 116th Congress that is finally -- after more than a decade -- taking meaningful action to give working American families a raise. This Raise the Wage Act would ensure that, as we move from $7.25 to $15 per hour, we remain vigilant in observing the impacts on our economy, on workers, and on small businesses. It also included a longer phase-in than originally proposed. For those reasons, I voted yes. Still, the legislation before us today was not perfect. I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure any bill that ultimately becomes law is good for both workers and small businesses here and across the country.


Finally, I want to share the bright spot in my week. I had the privilege of talking with these extraordinary young Israelis and Palestinians who live and intern together on Capitol Hill. In doing so, they create a foundation of understanding on which to build economic, political and social change - and give me hope that our best days are still ahead of us. 

May this outstanding group of New Story Leaders be and inspiration to us all.

So keep the faith. I invite you to attend mobile office hours in Mound on Wednesday, and keep in touch with your perspectives and ideas. Stay cool, drink water, look out for your neighbors, and be kind to one another - we're all in this together.  


Dean Phillips
Member of Congress

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