August 2, 2019 Update from Rep. Dean Phillips

August 2, 2019
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I'm checking at the start of a busy August here in Minnesota. I want to extend a hearty thank you to all who have stopped by my office to share perspectives and ideas, and invite you to keep it up. In the meantime, here are a few of the extraordinary people I met this week: 


On Saturday, I spent an informative and inspiring morning with experts who are leading the fight against human trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence in Minnesota. The work they're doing is hard, thankless, and so important. I'll always stand with survivors in Minnesota and in Washington, and conversations like this are the first step towards inspiring change. 

You can read more about my conversation with advocates here.


My team and I hear it all the time, Minnesota's businesses and municipalities are having trouble finding enough workers to fill the skilled, good-paying jobs of the 21st century. So on Wednesday, I convened a community conversation on workforce development at Hennepin Technical College to hear more about the challenges our Minnesota employers are facing and what we can do about it. Our businesses and educators must work together to ensure our next generation of workers have the training they need to thrive.

My thanks to all who joined in our community conversation on workforce development.

The robotics, automotive technology and fluid mechanics labs at Hennepin Tech are training our workforce for skilled, good-paying jobs and I was encouraged to see how federal, state and private dollars are being put to work to better serve our students and the business that will employ them after graduation. A four-year university degree is not for everyone, and I'm committed to opening new pathways for our students. 

These labs are training our workforce for the good-paying jobs of the 21st century.

And speaking of workforce development, I enjoyed my visit to Flying Cloud Airport this week. There, I saw how our recent appropriations grant will be used to expand a tarmac to provide relief for Minnesota's entire air traffic system, and learned more about the small businesses that are housed right inside the airport. 

Flying Cloud is home to many employers. On my visit, small businesses at the airport told me they're having trouble finding skilled workers.


Nothing fills me with more hope than talking with young people in our community. They're thoughtful, bright, and asking hard questions about the issues that will shape their collective future - and we should take notice. From Liberian Minnesotan student artists, to 5th grade inventors, to high school Congressional Award Winners, to our very own interns, here are some of the young Minnesotans I had the privilege of spending time with this week:

These moments with were the bright spots in my week.

Finally, I invite you to keep your questions and ideas coming! My team will be in Osseo for mobile office hours on Wednesday, so if you're in need of assistance with your passport, veterans benefits, Social Security or any other federal agency, stop by to see how we can help. I'll be announcing a location for my fourth town hall meeting soon. It will be on September 7th, so save the date.


Dean Phillips
Member of Congress


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