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Community Project Funding Requests

The House Committee on Appropriations recently announced that Community Project Funding requests (formerly known as earmarks) from Members of Congress will be considered in the fiscal year 2022 cycle. Each Member of Congress was given the opportunity to submit ten projects to the Appropriations Committee for consideration, and local governments and nonprofit entities with community projects located in Minnesota's Third District, or serveing its residents, were invited to submit proposals to the Office of Rep. Dean Phillips by Friday, April 9, 2021. 


In order for a project request to be considered for submission, projects were required to meet all of the eligibility criteria set out by the House Appropriations Committee. The Office of Rep. Dean Phillips used following criteria to review eligible requests:

  1. Is this project located in Minnesota’s Third District? If not, will it serve the residents of Minnesota’s Third District?
  2. Does the project stand a reasonable chance of being funded?
  3. Will the project make a broad and positive impact on the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Minnesota’s Third District?

Requested Projects:

After review, Rep. Phillips submitted the following proposals to the House Committee on Appropriations for consideration in the 117th Congress*: 

Meaningful Living Skills Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

  • Amount Requested: $140,000
  • Intended Recipient: Vinland National Center
  • Location: 3675 Ihduhapi Trail Loretto, MN 55357
  • Explanation of the Request: Vinland National Center is the only residential SUD program in the state of Minnesota that meets the complex needs of adults with disabilities seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, specializing in brain injuries and other cognitive issues as well as those clients with severe and persistent mental illness. The project will provide for a Meaningful Living Skills portion to Vinland’s treatment program. This would help clients learn basic computer skills, so that they might be able to learn how to conduct online banking, or to search out recovery support meetings and/or podcasts, apply for jobs and search for a place to live. Teaching these basic skills will help individuals when transitioning from Vinland back to the outside world.
  • Financial Disclosure 

Opioid and Substance Use Education and Public Awareness Program

  • Amount Requested: $364,490
  • Intended Recipient: Change the Outcome
  • Location: 6666 Mulberry Circle, Chanhassen, MN 55317
  • Explanation of the Request: Change the Outcome’s unique model pairs compelling media with candid peer to peer conversations about substance use. Its approach is non-stigmatizing and informative, comprising a two-staged process, and is adaptable to a range of contexts, including classrooms, auditoriums, community forums, and distance learning. Federal investment in this life-saving initiative would come at a crucial moment in the opioid epidemic and represent both a commitment to next generation prevention strategies that emerge from and speak to those most vulnerable, while also positioning Change the Outcome for a sustainable future. According to SAMSHA for every $1 spent on prevention, $18 is saved. In short, it will help save money and the lives of taxpayers and their children.
  • Financial Disclosure

Hennepin County Family Dependency Treatment Court

  • Amount Requested: $500,000
  • Intended Recipient: Hennepin County
  • Location: 701 4th Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55415
  • Explanation of the Request: The Family Dependency Treatment Court will address the opioid crisis in Hennepin County. Opioid-related deaths in Hennepin County have steadily increased from 2011 to 2020, without signs of slowing. The FDTC will provides assistance, treatment, resources, and recovery to individuals and families who need interdisciplinary care the most. It aims to help decrease the opioid overdose related deaths, keeps families intact, and decreases recidivism in the criminal justice system. Furthermore, it addresses the racial disparity in our community’s Native American population where opioid use disorder and involvement in the child protection system significantly overlap.
  • Financial Disclosure

Rehabilitation of Small Business Development and Acceleration Center

  • Amount Requested: $1,000,000
  • Intended Recipient: City of Brooklyn Park
  • Location: 5200 85th Ave North, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
  • Explanation of the Request: The project will make capital improvements and general rehabilitation for the property that is selected to house the Small Business Center. The project also includes acceleration technical support for growing entrepreneurs, with a specific emphasis on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) business owners. This project will increase the tax base in the City of Brooklyn Park by occupying a vacant space reducing the overall tax burden on individual households. It also provides more opportunities for business start-ups and growth in the City while creating jobs close to home for Brooklyn Park residents.
  • Financial Disclosure

Gateway Regional Park Pedestrian Underpass

  • Amount Requested: $1,250,000
  • Intended Recipient: Three Rivers Park District
  • Location: 3000 Xenium Lane, Plymouth, MN 55441
  • Explanation of Request: Three Rivers Park District in Minnesota will construct a pedestrian underpass as part of the Mississippi Gateway Regional Park development. The separation of pedestrians from traffic near the entrance of the part on "West River Road" will provide much needed public safety along this busy road. The trail underpass will also connect parkland on both side of the roadway.
  • Financial Disclosure

Sewer Extension at Southwest Chaska Business Park

  • Amount Requested: $2,000,000
  • Intended Recipient: City of Chaska
  • Location: One City Hall Plaza, Chaska, MN 55318
  • Explanation of the Request: The project will fund necessary sewer and roadway costs to support the start of a private corporation business park development that, based on a market study, will provide 5,000 new living wage jobs in five years and 10,000 total new jobs in 10 years for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. The $2 million request is the final funding needed for a $10.5 million city investment to allow planned business park development to begin.
  • Financial Disclosure

Hwy 5 Mobility and Lake Minnewashta Causeway Bridge

  • Amount Requested: $2,000,000
  • Intended Recipient: Carver County
  • Location: 11360 Highway 212, Suite 1, Cologne, MN 55322
  • Explanation of the Request: This project will leverage funding to complete the design engineering and environmental documentation to continue the development for expanding the 2-lane section of Highway 5 to a 4-lane expressway between Minnewashta Parkway and TH 41 as well as intersection capacity improvements for the TH 5/TH 41 intersection. Longer term, completing this improvement allows the Cities of Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria, and Carver County to realize their full growth potential adding jobs and housing to the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in the fastest growing County in the state.
  • Financial Disclosure

Manitou Rd Water Main Improvements Project

  • Amount Requested: $3,035,800
  • Intended Recipient: City of Tonka Bay
  • Location: 4901 Manitou Rd, Tonka Bay, MN 55331
  • Explanation of Request: The project will include full replacement of the water main, valves, hydrants, fittings, and appurtenant work located within the CSAH 19 (Manitou Road) right-of-way in the City of Tonka Bay. It will also include restoration of the roadway and boulevard surfaces impacted by construction. The benefits of this project include replacing a critical piece of water infrastructure that will restore reliable water service to all of the residents of Tonka Bay. Water main breaks on this line have impacted a majority of the residents of Tonka Bay in the last 5 years which has left them without water for extended periods of time while emergency repairs were made.
  • Financial Disclosure

Extension of CSAH 116/Fletcher Bypass

  • Amount Requested: $3,501,040
  • Intended Recipient: City of Rogers
  • Location: 22350 South Diamond Lake Road, Rogers, MN 55374
  • Explanation of Request: This project will realign the existing 2-lane Fletcher Lane/CSAH 116 with a new 2-lane divided A-Minor Arterial that includes left and right turn lanes and traffic signals at intersections with Territorial Road (CSAH 116) and CSAH 81. The bypass is important for local and regional traffic circulation, and will also improve access management, provide a safer railroad crossing, and improve access and safety for people biking and walking. In addition, the Fletcher Bypass will provide an alternate route, redirecting regional through traffic from Main Street (CSAH 150), nearby residential areas, an elementary school, and the City of Rogers downtown. The Fletcher bypass will also help with congested I-94 interchange areas at TH 101 and CSAH 101/Brockton Lane.
  • Financial Disclosure

Wellhead Treatment for Well #4

  • Amount Requested: $4,000,000
  • Intended Recipient: City of Dayton
  • Location: 12260 S Diamond Lake Rd Dayton, MN 55327
  • Explanation of Request: This project will provide treated water to residents of Dayton along the North end of Dayton where new development is occurring at a record pace. Funds would be used to add wellhead treatment to Well #4 to treat water that residents are using in their homes, the water is currently not treated and thus causing discoloration of residents homes and appliances along with taste issues for drinking at times. This project will ensure that the city’s water supply is in compliance with the additional standards at the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Financial Disclosure
*The Office of Congressman Phillips cannot guarantee that the selected project(s) will receive funding. Final decisions regarding which projects receive funding will be made by the House Appropriations Committee.