Committees and Caucuses


Rep. Phillips serves on the following committees and subcommittees in the 116th Congress:

House Committee on Financial Services
One of just four exclusive committees in the House — to which freshmen members are rarely appointed — the House Committee on Financial Services is tasked with overseeing all components of the nation’s housing and financial-services sectors, including banking, insurance and real estate. As the only Representative in the country to refuse campaign contributions from special-interest PACs, federal lobbyists and Members of Congress and their committees, Rep. Phillips will bring a fierce independence from special-interest influence on a committee typically sought for its fundraising appeal:

“I have spent my career helping to build and grow businesses, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that being pro-business and pro-consumer are not mutually exclusive. I’ll use that experience to ensure that our nation’s financial systems work for everyone.”


House Committee on Foreign Affairs
Regarding his appointment to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rep. Phillips said that in an increasingly connected globe, he is hopeful that his work will be far-reaching:

“In addition to working to repair our standing around the world by investing in diplomacy and development again, I look forward to tackling climate change and immigration on a global scale. We’re not going to solve these 21st-century problems with outdated isolationist thinking.”

House Committee on Ethics
The House Committee on Ethics is the supervising ethics office for the House of Representatives and is the only standing committee whose membership is evenly divided between political parties; five Democrats and five Republicans. 

"Putting government back to work for the people begins with cleaning up corruption and holding our elected leaders accountable to the highest standards of ethics."



A congressional caucus is formed by members of Congress who wish to meet regularly in support of a common legislative priority. Rep. Phillips is a member of the following caucuses: